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FULL NAME: Sir Caladan Hawkley


RACE: human

SEX: male

MARITAL STATUS:  Very much single.

POSITION IN REoDS: Imperial Knight of the Circle of Death (2d32)




Born on Rhydin 30 winters ago, Caladan Hawkley was the son of a wealthy warlord and his wife. At the age of 15, his parents were brutally slain, along with the rest of his family. Somehow, a loyal servent managed to smuggle him to safety. Armed with only his father's sword, and a newly gained title, young Caladan set out to make his fortune, stopping back at his home only long enough to bury his family and gather what possessions he had left.


Caladan worked as he roamed, never staying in one place too long. He worked most frequently as an asassin, hired by the wealthy to deal with "problems" as they called them. Never in one place too long, fearing that he would be caught and killed, Caladan learned the art of swordsmanship from several masters, eventually becoming a master swordsman in his own right.


Eventually, he found himself standing outside the gates of Castle DarkSky, tired of running, killing, and being alone...He wondered if he would be accepted into this family, and was relieved to see that he would be......



As he enters the battle arena, you see that this man is formidable.. He stands 6'7, towering above most. Although his size is impressive, both in height and build, brown eyes smile softly, and auburn hair drapes down his back, loose from the ever-present leather thong that usually keeps it gathered at the nape of his neck. His deep tan suggests a life lived outdoors, and his voice is deep, yet soft, lilting in a slight undefinable accent.


Caladan is a master swordsman, and prefers the use of his broadsword, "Titan". He is, however, proficient in the use of his dagger, and of the bow.



"His storyline fostered 91 posts between the strings Hawk's Adventure (SL) and What befell to Hawk and Bess after/during the melee. To my knowledge, that makes it the second longest storyline in DarkSky history"


                WARRIOR'S BADGE

                     For completion of 10 spars, winning over half   


For completion of 25 spars

..... a mystery in and of itself......

Imperial Knights of DarkSky